Why is oak flooring so great? Here are 7 reasons

We are often asked about the qualities of oak in a home setting, but the truth is, oak is one of very few materials that can look great in a diverse mix of environments. But what makes it so special? Here are 7 reasons why we love oak.

1. Oak may be a hardwood, and this will sound like an obvious point; however, it is ridiculously hard for a natural material. It’s been used for hundreds of years now within the building trade and has established extreme credibility for durability. For example, it’s well known that 200-year-old reclaimed oak can still be purchased and appears beautiful.

2. Oak improves with age sort of a like a good wine. We’re sure you’ve heard this saying before, but the character you get is remarkable. If you were to see a section of 200-year-old reclaimed oak you’d have no doubt about this. Even within a few of years, the colour will get richer, and if you take care of your floor, it really will just recover and better.

3. Oak provides a beautiful grain that’s ideal for flooring. The one thing that wood flooring can’t offer, which carpet and linoleum can, is decorative patterns and designs. Therefore, wood buyers believe the grain is just as, if not better, as it helps define the design of their room. Oak is, therefore, a perfect alternative to patterned carpet and linoleum, because of its attractive grains. Prime grades are immaculate cut, whereas rustic or character grades have many knots and grain patterns.

4. Due to its popularity and abundance right now, oak has been made available in an astonishing array of designs grades and dimensions, giving the buyer a chance to almost certainly find the design they’re after.

5. in particular, with other woods, oak takes alright to staining and colouring, therefore, adding to the already vast choice available. It’s available in shades from limed white to natural colour to very dark, and from an up to date clean-cut look to an old antique appearance. You can also sand it down many times, so if you wish to change the finish, it’s easy to do so. 

6. Oak is remarkably immune to fungal and bug attacks. What this suggests for you is a smaller amount of money spent on repairs and damage to your floors.

7. Oak has been used as a symbol of opulence within the overdue to its attractiveness and still features a prestigious flair thanks to this distinction. So, if you’re trying to find how to offer your home that old, sophisticated, and prestigious look, then oak is that the thanks to go.

Oak flooring is only becoming more popular, but people are looking to choose more environmentally friendly materials, so using reclaimed oak is a great alternative, and it’s also becoming more popular around the world. It’s nice to see us make use of the oak that’s already been cut, allowing trees to grow strong!