Will a conservatory roof replacement add to the resale value of your home?

A conservatory roof replacement will undoubtedly make your house more desirable to buyers, especially if your existing roof is not energy efficient, structurally sound, or easy on the eye.

A survey of recent homebuyers has been compiled by a UK insurance company, and it showed that a conservatory roof replacement increases the resale value of homes. Most first-time buyers would look favourably on a house with a conservatory as opposed to a regular house (with no extension or conservatory). Those who have already had experience in selling homes know that having an extra room will increase the value of your property as well as its overall appearance. Replacing your old, worn-out conservatory roof with newer, better quality materials is one exciting project you can work on today to achieve those goals, however, it’s important to keep in mind that conservatories are typically built from metal structures that rust over time. They need to be well looked after and they don’t always work well with the other rooms in your home, especially if the room is cold in the winter and far too hot in the summer. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to start from scratch and build a new conservatory — you may just need a different approach, like making the new roof do all of the hard work for you.

What will a conservatory roof replacement achieve?

Firstly, your space will be more comfortable all year round. The new roof will give you better insulation and that won’t just stop the heating bills from climbing — it’ll also be a lot more cost-effective than turning on your central heating. If you’re worried about cold drafts, then worry no more because there will be none of them with a Conservatory Roof Replacement Evesham! The idea is that your conservatory should retain all of its charm but also offer you everything you need to live in the space year-round.

Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly for many homeowners, is whether or not a replacement conservatory roof will add value to the resale value of their property. This is almost always going to be an unqualified yes — so long as multiple surveys are conducted and they don’t reveal any major faults or damage caused by improvement works.

Should you opt for a tiled roof and insulated ceiling?

It’s perhaps the most popular option nowadays. You may not get views of the sky with this kind of roof but it will certainly feel like another room in your home — like it belongs — rather than an afterthought. That said, the issues concerning lighting is easily solved as skylights can be added to ensure you have some natural daylight coming in from above.