Painting the outside of your home

Paint can prove to be a bit of a hero on the outside, not only does it make your house look nicer; it gives it another layer of protection which is always a bonus.

It’s a good protector of wood but of course, like oils and waxes, over time this layer can wear out, and when this happens you have exposed wood or brick which can suffer from erosion. Rain and air moisture can ruin a home over time, but a fresh lick of paint can always be the hero keeping you one step ahead. That said, if you have window frame made of wood then paint isn’t a choice it’s a necessity and you should make sure it’s waterproof.

If you leave any wood without paint, you could be leaking heat through small gaps, meaning mold grows, and that’s harmful to people and your house. Be sure to give your home a fresh lick of paint if it’s starting to look a little worse for wear on the outside.