Loft Conversions: One of the Best Ways to Increase the Value Of your Home

Almost everybody’s got a loft, but for most of them the loft remains an unused, or used for storage, space. This is unfortunate, as having this space converted is probably the best method available for many to increase the value of a home. Halifax did a study in this area, and determined that a loft conversion into a bedroom and en suite can increase the value of a home by as much as 20 per cent.

In order to convert your loft, you should first pay a specialist to give you advice on whether or not your loft is suitable; if the amount of space you have available is too limited then it may be best to find a different use for it. If however your loft is ideal for a conversion, then you should make sure that you’ve prepared, at a minimum £20,000. It can be done more cheaply if you attempt to DIY, but unless you have some experience then it is best to leave it for the professionals.