How have conservatories changed over the years?

If you’ve owned a conservatory in the past, or perhaps still do, you will probably know of the common problems associated with conservatories. One of the biggest disadvantages is that they can be incredibly cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. That said, in recent years, thanks to new technology, conservatories are being redesigned somewhat, and it’s not uncommon to now choose a tiled conservatory roof. Okay, so you don’t have supreme sky view. But because the entire roof structure is not made of glass, it can be insulated, making a huge difference.

With a tiled conservatory roof, you can live more comfortably in the summer and the winter months, whilst the room feels like part of the home, rather than a greenhouse or fancy shed! By merely changing the roof, the entire place feels completely different, and you can then know your young children are sheltered by the sun, but also nice and cosy in the winter months, yet you still get beautiful views of your garden all year round. When the conservatory first came about, people loved that they would essentially have another room in their home, but so many people stopped using them because they found they were fairly useless at staying cool or staying warm.

Conservatories also now come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and designs, so there are endless possibilities when you’re contemplating adding a new room to your home. One thing we would advise you keep in mind, however, is that you need to consider how you plan to use the space. If it is going to be used as a living space in the summer months, you may not need to focus on how it will perform in winter, however, most people want to use the room all year round, and a different kind of roof can make a big difference.