Why You Should Burn Smokeless Fuel in Your Log Burner

As the word suggests, smokeless fuel is a type of solid fuel that does not emit any smoke when burned. Smokeless fuel is very much seen as an alternative fuel in parts of UK, in zones that are covered by the Clean Air Act.

In these areas, people don’t use any solid fuel that emits smoke since it’s against the Act. There are many types of manmade fuels in the UK market to choose from. There is also a natural form of smokeless fuel such as Anthracite coal, which is very black and shiny. But let’s get to the core of this topic, why should you burn smokeless fuel in your log burner?

Compared to many other forms of fuel, smokeless fuel emits less carbon dioxide. It helps to maintain the normal level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and thus avoid global warming. With smokeless fuel, you can enjoy the attractive and roaring fire during winter and autumn months.

When it comes to saving money during the cold months, smokeless fuel is ideal. The fuel burns slowly thus burning for a long time, making it more cost effective. Using this type of fuel also saves long term costs, ensuring you do not develop medical disorders related to smoke.

When you burn smokeless fuel in the burning log, it leaves less residue which implies you will use less time to clean. The type of fuel does not leave sooty walls or log burner thus saving you time for cleaning. It is one of the most used types of fuel because it offers clean warmth and saves cleaning time.

Studies reveal that using smokeless fuel for heating purposes offers several health benefits. It helps to reduce the risk of asthma, eczema and hay fever among others. When you opt for smokeless fuel for heating, you are sure that your kids are safe from illness. Your house will always be warm throughout the winter thus keeping off harmful moulds.

Every variety of smokeless fuel has a unique characteristic. But they all burn in a cleaner and a colourful glow that’s attractive compared to the traditional coal. When it comes to lighting, it is easier and produced colourful flame pictures making them an appealing choice in cold months.

These are just a few reasons why you may want to choose smokeless fuels for your log burner, but we may want to look at a few of the disadvantages too. In doing so, we should say smokeless fuels are more expensive, so you will get less fuel for your money. The price difference can add up considerably over time, but at the end of the day, you don’t buy a glorious log burner to save money.

If you want a stylish addition to your new home, but wish to reduce your carbon footprint, then it’s best to opt for smokeless fuel and just don’t look back. You can then enjoy your fire knowing you’re taking a positive step to helping our beautiful planet heal!