Tips for viewing a property

Buying a new home can be exciting but are you making the most of your time viewing a property?  Here are some tips to help you make the most of your tour. Make sure the majority of your time at a property is looking around the inside of the house.  We recommend 20 to 30 minutes to allow you to get a good feel for the place.  Walk around the outside of the house, checking for any cracks, loose roof tiles, problems with the guttering etc., that may cost you a lot to get fixed. A smell can be an important indicator of a home as well as what you see. Is there a musty smell?  This could indicate dampness or a smell of fresh paint like they may be... Read More »

What are the Different House Surveys?

When purchasing a property, there are several house surveys you can choose to have performed. We have listed them below with an explanation of each. A level 1 Condition Report covers the properties current condition, any urgent issues that need to be rectified with and any potential legal problems that could arise. This survey is undertaken on newer properties that are in good condition. The level 2 report is called a Homebuyers Report. It looks at everything in the Condition Report plus any issues that may affect the property and advise on repairs and maintenance that could be undertaken.  It will also include a property valuation and how much it would cost to rebuild. The third and final report is the Building Survey. This survey is an in-depth report on... Read More »

Fabric Awnings for Patios: Worth it?

If your home has a patio, chances are that you spend quite a lot of time there. Whether you’re sitting and visiting with friends or simply enjoying the sun, it’s nice to have some protection from the elements so you can fully enjoy yourself. And since covering your patio with an actual roof is probably out of the question (and perhaps not even feasible), what’s left? This article is dedicated to fabric awnings for patios – one solution that lets you use your outdoor area all year round. We’ll also discover some pros and cons of this type of product. Fabric awnings have long been popular in the UK. They are awnings that can be erected easily and quickly. They protect the patio area with quick set-up, whilst they are... Read More »

What is a Condition Report?

With so many different types of residential surveys out there, it can be confusing and daunting to know what they all mean and when you might need one. Surveys are typically optional, but important if you have a concern about possible issues with your home and to save yourself any unwanted surprises. If you happen to have minor concerns, the lowest level of survey you can get is called a Condition Report. Condition Reports are a level one survey, that typically start from £300. This report does not go into incredible detail but are designed to complement the mortgage valuation. These reports give you a ‘traffic light’ indication to the state of various parts of the property and a summary of any defects or possible risks affecting the property. This... Read More »

What Does a Homebuyer Survey Include?

If you are considering buying or selling a home for the first time, you may be wondering what an RICS Homebuyer Survey includes. A Homebuyer Survey is a briefer version of a RICS Building Survey but is more detailed than the mortgage valuation and RICS Condition Report. This survey is classed as a level 2 and the cost typically depends on the size and valuation of the property being inspected. The Homebuyer Survey is a visual and non-intrusive inspection, by a RICS chartered surveyor, of the condition of the home and details any defects, in the Condition Report. This type of inspection would be suitable for modern or conventional home that are in reasonably good condition. If the home is non-standard or more dilapidated, a more thorough Building Survey will... Read More »