What is a louvred roof system?

In this article, we answer one of the many questions that we get asked by many. What exactly is a louvred system.

A louvred roof system is any horizontal slat that can be adjusted in angle to admit both light and air. Louvres originated as crude wooden constructions in centuries gone by and were very commonly used in plantation shutters in tropical countries to provide the needed ventilation that could yet keep out the rain.

Modern-day louvres are made of many materials ranging from aluminium, plastic, cloth, and glass, besides the wood they were traditionally made from. They are very commonly found in window blinds and shutters. Louvres can be adjustable or fixed. Louvred roofs used over places that are exposed to the atmosphere will be fixed, as these roofs only serve to create ventilation and prevent rain from pouring in. You can have roofs that have adjustable louvres that enable the then enclosed space to be completely protected from the elements.

A louvred roof can provide ventilation and rain protection to patios, and when the louvres are in the closed position, they enable the rain to be channelled into them and divert the rain. A roof with louvres protects any covered area from rain, but during the summer and when temperatures are high can help to create a chimney effect, when the louvres are adjusted to be open. This can help to cool the enclosed area and promote drafts of breeze that can help in cooling it. They can look aesthetically pleasing and also serve as practical elements in modern architecture.

When you put up a louvred roof on any outdoor space, the direction of the roof has to be such that it does not permit the entry of the sun except at certain angles. This is more important in the case of fixed louvres, as when the louvres are adjustable, changing their positions can help to make a roof a closed one.

A louvred roof is an excellent solution for the covering of any outdoor living area, as when you have adjustable louvres you can have complete rain protection, as well as provide full sunshine during colder days. Controls for adjusting the angle of louvres can be manual or motorized and these can even be operated by remote control. A louvred roof can also be ideal for providing cover for entrance porches in residences and commercial buildings. They can even be used over open carports to give a semblance of protection. Louvred roofs can be adapted to any architectural style so that they blend in with any existing structure.