What is a Condition Report?

With so many different types of residential surveys out there, it can be confusing and daunting to know what they all mean and when you might need one. Surveys are typically optional, but important if you have a concern about possible issues with your home and to save yourself any unwanted surprises. If you happen to have minor concerns, the lowest level of survey you can get is called a Condition Report.

Condition Reports are a level one survey, that typically start from £300. This report does not go into incredible detail but are designed to complement the mortgage valuation. These reports give you a ‘traffic light’ indication to the state of various parts of the property and a summary of any defects or possible risks affecting the property. This report will not include advice or a valuation.

These level one surveys are very basic but they will help indicate an overall condition of the property and could identify issues that need to be fixed.