So you’ve got a CCJ. What next?

With a CCJ (County Court Judgment), you’ve essentially been blacklisted. The last thing a landlord or Estate Agency want to see on their applicant’s credit check is a CCJ. Even if you’ve since paid the CCJ and your credit score is fair or good, they will question you. This means that to rent or buy a property, it can be extremely difficult. You may need a guarantor to help you find a place to rent, but finding someone who’s willing to bail you out may prove to be quite tricky. If it’s possible you should avoid the credit check. Some agents/landlords don’t require credit checks, so if you can find one in your local area, you’re golden. Alternatively, you may wish to get a reference from your previous landlords or agents, showing you’re prepared to keep up with the payments. A CCJ can ruin your hopes of leaving home and going solo, but there are ways around it.