Rooflights – Common Questions

Rooflights are the ideal choice for rooms in your house that regular windows simply can’t illuminate. Rooflights are holes in roofs created specifically to let light through. Although the description is straightforward, it actually refers to a wide range of goods with various uses and prices that are hardly ever made by companies who make typical vertical windows.

A rooflight can frequently be placed without obtaining planning approval because it falls within the category of permitted development.

It is important to check with your local authority if they extend more than 15 cm from the roof slope or if you live in a conservation area.

Prior to the introduction of pitched rooflights in the 1970s, the primary method of illuminating roof spaces involved dormer windows, which may be large, pricy, and penetrate the roofline. Planners have a more favourable opinion of loft living when the current roof shape is maintained.