House Flipping

Although people now understand that house flipping is quite risky, whereas before the financial crisis it was looked at as a sure way to make money, it remains a very effective way to make money. To flip a house you need to consider a number of internal and external elements; the style of your home, its location, how well maintained it is, and the garden.

A home’s style:

  • The style you choose for the house you’re flipping should depend upon who is looking to buy it, which you can usually tell by who makes up the local neighbourhood to an extent.

The location:

  • The location is about a lot more than just choosing the price based upon the prices of other homes in the neighbourhood. It can also inform you more about who your target market is, allowing you to choose a style which fits their tastes better.


  • To maintain a house effectively is essential for any home on the market. Keeping the lawn cut and the garden weeded, the roof in good condition and gutters clear can have a substantial impact on a home’s value.

The garden:

  • A garden should be developed to an extent, but not too much. You want it to be attractive but not to the point where the amount of work required to maintain it could be intimidating.