Are Wall Cracks Always Concerning?

A lot of people that don’t have much experience with living in and managing a new building. As a consequence, many of them get very worried when they start to see cracks in walls appearing, but more often than not these are actually not a big deal. There is a good reason why these cracks have been appearing, and a good reason why it is not something you should be too worried about.

There are two reasons why cracks appear; the wall is too stressed and is weakening under the pressure (bad), or the weight is settling in to its proper position (not a big deal). The way you can tell between the two is best done by hiring a building surveyor, but if that isn’t in the cards for you, you should monitor the structure to see if the crack is spreading at all. If it remains stable for a long time, the best thing that you can do is actually just to re-plaster over the crack, as it is likely just the building finally settling.