Are Tiled Conservatory Roofs Better Than Glass Or Polycarbonate Roofs?

If you have recently built a conservatory, or if you are thinking about doing so, you may want to pay close attention to the type of roofing material that you use. There are many choices to choose from, some of which are much better than others, and it all depends on where you live and how much money you have to spend. In many cases, people will choose between tiled, glass or polycarbonate roofs. All of these have benefits and drawbacks. Here is an overview of why you should choose any of these, as well as things to look out for, when you are deciding on the best roof for your conservatory.

What Is A Tiled Roof?

Tiled conservatory roofs are similar to what you would put on a regular roof. These are tiles that you could get at a local home improvement store. These can be put on as long as you have a layer of plywood up above, allowing you to connect it with nails or screws. These are not the most effective types of coverings for a conservatory simply because they are not transparent. However, there is a middle ground, one that can be found by using polycarbonate material.

What Is A Polycarbonate Roof?

This material is made of a lightweight thermoplastic material. It can handle both high and low temperatures easily. It is very practical and durable and is often used for decks, patios, and also conservatories. It is the perfect material for smaller construction projects, but would not necessarily be practical for an entire home. The cost is more than tiles for a roof, but it is substantially lower than what you will pay for a Glass roof.

What Is A Glass Roof For A Conservatory?

A glass roof for a conservatory is made specifically for this purpose. It will slide into the areas where it is designed to reside and will be completely waterproof. The reason that this is the best choice for a conservatory is that it allows you to get the full benefit of the warmth from the sun. It allows you to see outside, just as you work through the glass walls that will surround the circumference of the conservatory itself. These can be up to four times more expensive than polycarbonate, and up to 10 times more expensive than standard roofing materials.

The one that you choose is often dependent upon how much money you have to spend. However, if you are already putting the money into a conservatory that is made primarily of glass, it would make sense to finish the entire project with a glass roof. On the other hand, you may want to consider matching the colour at least of the existing roof that you have on your home. This can be done with the polycarbonate material. Finally, standard roofing materials can be used, but this would alter the structure of the top portion of the conservatory, which is something that most people would not do. Now that you know the difference between tiled, polycarbonate, and glass conservatory roofs, you can make your decision.