Why it is important to get a fresh coat of paint

Everybody knows that there are things that you need to keep an eye on when you own a home. Any number of things, that when left alone, can quickly develop into a problem, and an expensive one at that, and paint is certainly one of those things.

The role of paint is actually to perform as a layer of protection for wood (at least for the exterior of a home). Over time, this layer can wear out, and when this happens you have exposed wood or brick which, over time, will suffer from erosion due to rain water and air moisture. In fact, if you have window frame made of wood then it is an absolute necessity for you to make sure that you have a layer of water proof paint on top so that rot doesn’t enter the wood.

If this happens, at best you could be leaking heat through small gaps and allowing mould to grow (which could be harmful to everyone in the home), and at worst you may have to completely replace all of the window frames. In order to avoid this, you should make sure to add a new layer paint every couple of years.