What are the Different House Surveys?

When purchasing a property, there are several house surveys you can choose to have performed. We have listed them below with an explanation of each.

A level 1 Condition Report covers the properties current condition, any urgent issues that need to be rectified with and any potential legal problems that could arise. This survey is undertaken on newer properties that are in good condition.

The level 2 report is called a Homebuyers Report. It looks at everything in the Condition Report plus any issues that may affect the property and advise on repairs and maintenance that could be undertaken.  It will also include a property valuation and how much it would cost to rebuild.

The third and final report is the Building Survey. This survey is an in-depth report on the properties condition as well as any maintenance or repairs that need to be undertaken. It is usually undertaken on properties over 50 years old, unusual properties or properties in bad condition.