Keeping burglars at bay over Christmas

Christmas time presents the perfect opportunity for burglars, and this is because they know there are gifts stored inside your home. That said, even though Christmas is a hot season for burglars, there’s a lot you can do to ensure your home, your presents and your gadgets stay safe. Firstly, you need to ensure your property looks lived in, even when you’re not there. Spending a few more pounds a day on electricity to keep your lights and TV on can be wise, whilst you should always hide packaging as best you can, perhaps by storing it in your garage. Let’s say a burglar sees packaging in your bin for a HP Laptop, or better yet, see you taking the box to your bin, they immediately now what they can grab quickly when they enter your home. Keeping your outdoor lights on a timer can also be a good decision, and the more lit up your home is the better, plus it makes it easier for Santa to find you!