How to Know When Windows Need Replacing

Are you wondering if your windows need to be replaced or just need some maintenance? Sometimes, a simple DIY fix like replacing weather stripping or installing window films can be all that is needed to take care of minor window issues. However, your windows will most likely need to be replaced if there is:

1. Cracked windowpane/frame- a warped, broken or damaged fame should be replaced

2. Fogged glass- this happens on double or triple paned window and indicates the windows are no longer sealed

3. Soft Frames- if you have wooden frames and they feel soft to the touch instead of rigid

4. Windows keep getting stuck- this is a good indicator the windows need replacing as the stress of opening and closing are creating cracks in the frame

5. Drafty rooms- if you are getting cold drafts even after replacing weather stripping and resealing, then it may be time to replace

6. High heating bills- if your windows are old, drafty or single-paned windows it is likely your windows could be to blame

Usually, quality windows last between 15-20 years but there are some companies that will provide a 20-25 year warranty, which essentially is a lifetime warranty.