Fabric Awnings for Patios: Worth it?

If your home has a patio, chances are that you spend quite a lot of time there. Whether you’re sitting and visiting with friends or simply enjoying the sun, it’s nice to have some protection from the elements so you can fully enjoy yourself. And since covering your patio with an actual roof is probably out of the question (and perhaps not even feasible), what’s left? This article is dedicated to fabric awnings for patios – one solution that lets you use your outdoor area all year round. We’ll also discover some pros and cons of this type of product.

Fabric awnings have long been popular in the UK. They are awnings that can be erected easily and quickly. They protect the patio area with quick set-up, whilst they are easy to pack away when not in use and you can enjoy a lightweight design. This makes them ideal for camping expeditions as well as domestic use. The fabric used is waterproof which means, in case of an unexpected shower or a sudden downpour, it will keep you dry and protected from the elements when outdoors charging your phone or whatever else you might need to do whilst enjoying the fresh air. The fabric can be either attached directly to poles or simply laid across the patio area without any straps attached to the ground at all. Although this latter option does give more flexibility with positioning due to its lack of rigid attachments it doesn’t offer protection if it’s windy.

There are of course many different types of awnings. Retractable fabric awnings are ideal if you like the idea of adding shade and shelter when you need them. There are a number of different types of this type of fabric awning for patios and for general outdoor use. It is less expensive than other types, such as aluminium or wood. This makes it the perfect choice if you love shaded areas but don’t have the budget to spend a lot on them.

Fabric Awnings come in two main types – retractable and permanent-fixed. The latter may also be called roll up or pull up as they are easily installed and removed from the same mounting point, whereas with a fixed patio cover no adjustments need to be made during the year. Fixed Patio covers require only one opening to install so they can save space when not in use but may still divert rainwater away neatly.