Do you need a home survey?

Home surveys are not a legal requirement to have and are completely optional but it is always recommended to have one carried out. If you decide not to have one carried out you could be in for a few nasty surprises. The cost of a home survey will be considerably cheaper than finding issues that could cost you thousands to repair or replace.

A home survey could bring problems to the surface which no one knew was currently there which could save you money on the purchase. If you find any serious problems such as faulty wiring or roof damage you would be able to negotiate the cost of fixing these problems of the overall value of the property. Or you could ask the seller to fix these problems before you purchase.

We would recommend a survey if you have any concerns about any part of the property or if you are purchasing an old or unusual property. It would also be particularly advisable if you are buying a property that is listed or has a thatched/timber-framed roof.