Breaking down the Buying Process

Whether a first-time buyer, looking to move up the ladder or downsizing, buying a house can seem an overwhelming task. Breaking it down into smaller steps can make it more manageable and help to feel you are really making progress towards your end goal. As a first-time buyer, it is most important to consider how you will finance your purchase. You should first look at how much capital you can initially raise for a deposit. How much do you have in savings? How much can you save each month? Do you have any large monthly outgoings such as car finance or loans? These are all things to consider before approaching a mortgage advisor or provider and will give you a good estimate of what you can afford. A good target... Read More »

House Valuations

When you decide it’s time to move or wish to remortgage to extend your current property, it can be crucial to get a high valuation. A large portion of the value of your property is based upon its location, there are some things you can do to have a positive impact on your home’s value. Before anyone comes to value your property, ensure that your home is clean and tidy, as this gives a positive feel. De-clutter the house to appear more spacious is inexpensive and straightforward. Give the garden some TLC and mow the lawn to provide the valuer with an excellent first impression. If you are looking to move, it may be a good idea to give your home a lick of paint, both inside and out. Neutral... Read More »

Tips for viewing a property

Buying a new home can be exciting but are you making the most of your time viewing a property?  Here are some tips to help you make the most of your tour. Make sure the majority of your time at a property is looking around the inside of the house.  We recommend 20 to 30 minutes to allow you to get a good feel for the place.  Walk around the outside of the house, checking for any cracks, loose roof tiles, problems with the guttering etc., that may cost you a lot to get fixed. A smell can be an important indicator of a home as well as what you see. Is there a musty smell?  This could indicate dampness or a smell of fresh paint like they may be... Read More »

Should You Convert the Front Garden into a Drive?

Have you been considering if turning your front garden into extra parking is right for you? Creating additional off-street parking can really add considerable value to your home, especially for housing in expensive urban areas. It can be an ideal solution if you struggle for parking, have multiple vehicles and have enough space in the front. The good news is that in many cases you do not need planning permission to create or replace a driveway. It comes down to area, material and ensuring you have PD rights. If it is a porous material, such as gravel or permeable asphalt or block paving and you have PD rights, you usually will not require planning permission. If it is more than five square metres of impermeable material, planning permissions will most... Read More »

Preparing your house for a home inspection

When you’re preparing your house for a home inspection there’s a few things you need to be aware of. An inspection is a hugely important part of the buying process, and you’ll be surprised how far a deep clean will go. Making sure your property is in the best possible shape is a great place to start when it comes to selling your house, but of course, you may not have the time and money to invest in all aspects of the building envelope, but getting everything inside looking nice and clean will always be a good starting point. Simplicity Making the house simplistic in style is another good option because it allows potential buyers to see the property for what it is. This means removing as much clutter as... Read More »