Is your roof in need of repair or maintenance?

If you are a home owner, it is important to get your roof surveyed to make sure it is functioning as it should. Your roof should provide structure, insulation and waterproofing to your home. If your roof has broken tiles or damaged internal structure, the functionality of your roof could be compromised. Making sure your roof is working properly is vital as it will keep your home safe and save you money too. Your roof works to provide insulation to your home, if heat is lost through the roof, your energy bills will begin to increase as you try to compensate for the internal temperature of your home. Damaged tiles can lead to leaks in your roof, causing water damage to the structure eventually leading to collapse. Water damage can... Read More »

Are your homes foundations safe?

The structure and foundation of your home is what keeps it standing, with such strong frames and a solid appearance it is hard to believe that your house may have unsafe foundations. The usual signs of a poor foundation show in walls as cracks, and also with difficulty opening and closing your windows, but what causes this to happen? Other than a natural disaster or mass flooding there are other causes to a poor foundation. The soil type the property is based on can play a huge role in altering the safety of your home, Clay soil can absorb water and expand, moving the structure and causing weaknesses in the building. Erosion is another common cause of unsafe foundations, usually due to a poor drainage system and uncontrolled water systems.... Read More »

Is it better to sell your home with an estate agent or privately?

Both real estate agents and selling privately are ways of selling your property. What to consider mainly is the risks and benefits involved in both ways. Selling privately usually avoids the better part of costs that are involved when using real estate agents. Moreover, real estate agents are professionals therefore they usually give knowledge and they can also protect your property legally. Selling property privately has several risks despite of the reduced costs involved. It can be time consuming, all the price settings will be determined by you, you will be involved in marketing which is a hectic process, arranging and negotiating processes will be performed by only you. Real estate agents add an advantage when selling your property despite the costs involved. They also ensure your property is in... Read More »

Checking your Roof for Leaks

A leaking roof is a lot more serious an issue than you might expect. It converts into a loss of money, thanks to the heat-loss, but, in addition, the leaking water is the real cause for concern. Water, when it is in a place it’s not supposed to be, to can cause damage in a number of different ways: Standing bodies of water can be a breeding ground for nasty bacteria, which in turn causes ill-health in those around it. Moisture in general can allow a variety of fungal life to grow, which can also be damaging to your health. Moisture can cause some materials to rot or erode. If your support beams are made from wood then this is a serious problem which could mean thousands in repair costs.... Read More »

Building Maintenance

How well maintained a building is is very important for the inhabitants, and if you want to sell your home it is also very important. Building maintenance therefore covers a wide range of elements which can have more or less impact on people depending upon how they live in their home. Building maintenance can be broken down into a number of areas, and while there is plenty for somebody to do on their own, much of it is best left to professionals: Roof Maintenance It is a fact of owning a home that, over time, a roof will degrade over time. This general wear and tear is something which is best dealt with on a regular basis, as you can therefore reduce the cost and likelihood of a more serious... Read More »