What is a Condition Report?

With so many different types of residential surveys out there, it can be confusing and daunting to know what they all mean and when you might need one. Surveys are typically optional, but important if you have a concern about possible issues with your home and to save yourself any unwanted surprises. If you happen to have minor concerns, the lowest level of survey you can get is called a Condition Report. Condition Reports are a level one survey, that typically start from £300. This report does not go into incredible detail but are designed to complement the mortgage valuation. These reports give you a ‘traffic light’ indication to the state of various parts of the property and a summary of any defects or possible risks affecting the property. This... Read More »

What Does a Homebuyer Survey Include?

If you are considering buying or selling a home for the first time, you may be wondering what an RICS Homebuyer Survey includes. A Homebuyer Survey is a briefer version of a RICS Building Survey but is more detailed than the mortgage valuation and RICS Condition Report. This survey is classed as a level 2 and the cost typically depends on the size and valuation of the property being inspected. The Homebuyer Survey is a visual and non-intrusive inspection, by a RICS chartered surveyor, of the condition of the home and details any defects, in the Condition Report. This type of inspection would be suitable for modern or conventional home that are in reasonably good condition. If the home is non-standard or more dilapidated, a more thorough Building Survey will... Read More »

The Many Benefits of a Tiled Conservatory Roof

Conservatories prove to be an excellent way to get the most out of sunshine in your yard, but glass roofs tend to present several problems that most people do not anticipate. Perhaps the most obvious one is difficulty in accessing the roof when it comes to cleaning the glass. However, the biggest downside is the increased heating bill. With the need to save energy, perhaps it is time to consider a tiled conservatory roof. If you are still on the fence, here are some benefits that will hopefully make you consider the upgrade. The Benefits of Having a Tiled Conservatory Roof The first advantage is pretty obvious. Your tiled conservatory roof in Milton Keynes will provide better insulation and allow for better-controlled temperature throughout. This will result in savings on... Read More »

5 Reasons To Get A New Conservatory Roof

Have you installed a conservatory roof before? Perhaps you have one on your home that has added to its overall appeal. These are designed to have a transparent top, or they could have skylights, allowing the sunlight to come in. As with most conservatories, they will have a stylized roof, leading down to windows all around the perimeter. These are typically set off to the side of a home, providing the people inside with the beautiful view of your property. Here are five reasons that you should consider getting a new conservatory roof if you have had your conservatory for years. Five Reasons To Get A New Roof On Your Conservatory The first reason that you should consider upgrading to a tiled conservatory roof is if it is slowly leaking.... Read More »

What Room Is Oak Flooring Best Used For?

Of all of the different types of flooring materials that you can use, authentic oak flooring may be the best choice. It is very sturdy, capable of withstanding even high traffic areas, and slight damage is not very noticeable even if it is there. The cost of oak wood flooring is the main drawback for most people that wanted. It can be extremely expensive. If you can afford the cost, or find someone that can offer you an exceptional deal, you may wonder where you should put this flooring material. Let’s discuss what room would be the best choice for placing oak flooring in your home. Why Oak Flooring Is So Popular There are so many things that can be said about oak flooring. First of all, it is extremely... Read More »