Why You Should Burn Smokeless Fuel in Your Log Burner

As the word suggests, smokeless fuel is a type of solid fuel that does not emit any smoke when burned. Smokeless fuel is very much seen as an alternative fuel in parts of UK, in zones that are covered by the Clean Air Act. In these areas, people don’t use any solid fuel that emits smoke since it’s against the Act. There are many types of manmade fuels in the UK market to choose from. There is also a natural form of smokeless fuel such as Anthracite coal, which is very black and shiny. But let’s get to the core of this topic, why should you burn smokeless fuel in your log burner? Environmentally-Friendly Compared to many other forms of fuel, smokeless fuel emits less carbon dioxide. It helps to... Read More »

Four main types of garage doors

Let’s face it. Your house would be deficient without a garage door. These secure the vehicle as well as the family. Many families like to have a garage with a strong, secure and reliable door because it allows them to use it in different ways. They help store more things in the garage outside the vehicle too, so there are plenty of reasons for investing in a good one, but there are also many different types available, and we’re going to run through four of the most popular options here in the UK. There are four main types of garage doors: Wheeled garage doors The mobile garage door is a perfect alternative for mortgage borrowers who have short tickets or space issues. The rising door essentially bends over a drum... Read More »

Is your roof in need of repair or maintenance?

If you are a home owner, it is important to get your roof surveyed to make sure it is functioning as it should. Your roof should provide structure, insulation and waterproofing to your home. If your roof has broken tiles or damaged internal structure, the functionality of your roof could be compromised. Making sure your roof is working properly is vital as it will keep your home safe and save you money too. Your roof works to provide insulation to your home, if heat is lost through the roof, your energy bills will begin to increase as you try to compensate for the internal temperature of your home. Damaged tiles can lead to leaks in your roof, causing water damage to the structure eventually leading to collapse. Water damage can... Read More »

Are your homes foundations safe?

The structure and foundation of your home is what keeps it standing, with such strong frames and a solid appearance it is hard to believe that your house may have unsafe foundations. The usual signs of a poor foundation show in walls as cracks, and also with difficulty opening and closing your windows, but what causes this to happen? Other than a natural disaster or mass flooding there are other causes to a poor foundation. The soil type the property is based on can play a huge role in altering the safety of your home, Clay soil can absorb water and expand, moving the structure and causing weaknesses in the building. Erosion is another common cause of unsafe foundations, usually due to a poor drainage system and uncontrolled water systems.... Read More »

Is it better to sell your home with an estate agent or privately?

Both real estate agents and selling privately are ways of selling your property. What to consider mainly is the risks and benefits involved in both ways. Selling privately usually avoids the better part of costs that are involved when using real estate agents. Moreover, real estate agents are professionals therefore they usually give knowledge and they can also protect your property legally. Selling property privately has several risks despite of the reduced costs involved. It can be time consuming, all the price settings will be determined by you, you will be involved in marketing which is a hectic process, arranging and negotiating processes will be performed by only you. Real estate agents add an advantage when selling your property despite the costs involved. They also ensure your property is in... Read More »