Add style to your bathroom

A bathroom may serve a few obvious purposes, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. There are many ways in which you can add style, character and personality to your bathroom or wet room, and we’re here to tell you how. Great bathrooms are those that combine fantastic interior design with personal touches, and there are many ways in which you can do this.

Photo frames and family prints

The most common room in a home for family photos is of course the living room, as it’s a place where you entertain friends and family members, however, you can also add these to your bathroom walls too. You can buy splash proof frames that protect your prints no matter how much moisture is in the room. It may be an odd option for some people, but it certainly adds style and personality to your bathroom walls, and in some cases it will also contribute a burst of colour, depending on the photo or photographs being used. To save money you could look at buying bulk frames, you can then add the others to remaining rooms in your house, such as your kitchen and conservatory.


There’s always room for brilliant pieces of art in bathrooms. There aren’t many places where you’re sitting down doing absolutely nothing, so whether you’re relaxing in the tub or sitting on the toilet, you can appreciate a beautiful photograph or painting from the artist of your choice. There are so many affordable pieces of art to select from, but of course prices will vary considerably from piece to piece, so be sure to do your homework on each artist first.


Choosing a colour theme and running with it is another great way to make your bathroom a bit funkier. Perhaps choose a colour that reflects you, and then apply it to your tiles, wall art, bathroom furniture and essential equipment such as toothbrush holders, shelves and bath mats. A new colour really can make the world of difference to your bathroom, you just need to make a decision you’re 100% happy with and then proceed from there.

A new bathroom suite

A new bathroom suite can show you’re moving with the times. Whether you have a 3-piece suite or a 5-piece suite, there are many contemporary designs to choose from. Some are more cubic in design, whilst others are focused on offering a freestanding appeal, but whatever type you decide on, be sure you like it because it’s a decision you only really want to make once every few years, because the costs of replacing a suite can soon add up.

If you can tick all of some of these boxes when you’re planning out your next bathroom, we’re sure you’re on to a winner. Just make sure your personality comes through in your decision, but also think about the type of house you have, and choose a style that fits in well. It’s not easy to balance out the two but it is possible with some early planning.